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Beginner's Crystal Kit

Beginner's Crystal Kit

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Beginners Crystal Kit with 6 Crystals, Properties and Cleansing Guide!This beginner's crystal bundle was intuitively created by myself and my guides; the crystals included in this bundle have been infused with reiki and have been intuitively chosen specifically for you. These crystals will start you on your journey.

Perfect for anyone curious to learn more about crystals as well as being a thoughtful gift, this Beginner crystal collection is the ideal starting point into what can be an excellent journey of self-discovery.

This crystal bundle contains five tumble stones, a small Selenite Wand, a drawstring cotton pouch, a properties guide, and a how-to guide for cleaning your crystals.

The Crystals Included in your Beginner Bundle;

- Amethyst Tumblestone.
For calmness, protection and is a natural tranquilliser for stress.

- Selenite Wand.
For Cleansing, clarity and purifying.

- Clear Quartz Tumblestone.
For purifying, amplifying and positivity.

- Citrine Tumblestone.
For manifesting abundance and wealth.

- Rose Quartz Tumblestone.
For self love, trust, peace and harmony. 

- Unakite Tumblestone.
For inner peace and calmness and helps balance.

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