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Mystery Crystal Bundles: intuitively Chosen Mystery Crystal Bundle

Mystery Crystal Bundles: intuitively Chosen Mystery Crystal Bundle

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If you can't decide what crystals you need at this moment, or you love a surprise, this is perfect for you! So let us intuitively pick a mystery crystal box for you! 

Our mystery bundles are intuitively chosen just for you, allowing the universe to deliver what you need at this moment in time. The selection may not be what you might have selected initially. However, events and problems may arise unexpectedly, and what you received was always meant for you.

An idea of what you can expect within your box:

£10-£20 Bundle: Tumblestones, raw pieces, jewellery, mini carvings, mini spheres, towers, thumb stones, palm stones.

£30-40 Bundle: Towers, Spheres, Tumblestones, Raw Pieces, Clusters, Jewellery, Carvings, Thumb Stones, palm stones.

£50-90 Bundle: Medium/Large Statement Pieces, Geodes, Bowls, 925 Sterling Jewellery, Bracelets, Towers, Spheres, Tumblestones, Raw Pieces, Clusters, Carvings, Thumb Stones, palm stones.

£100+ Bundle: Statement Pieces. If you select a bundle greater than the value of £100, we kindly ask you to specify whether you prefer more statement pieces or a mixture of statement and smaller sizes.

Mystery Box Questions:

1. Are there any areas in your life that you are currently focusing on?

2. Which crystals/colours are you drawn to?

3. Are there any crystals/colours you are NOT drawn to?

(Answers to be left in the order notes and any other information you feel we should know!)

Here's how it works;

  • HOW TO - Select the value of your box and answer the questions below! Leave the answers to the questions in the order notes at check out! We ask these questions to get to know you a little bit more, which helps us to select the crystals you need intuitively.
  • DISCLAIMER - Although we ask these questions, this does not guarantee you will receive the crystals you mentioned. The Bundles are a Mystery - so if you don't like surprises, maybe you would prefer to shop our site as you usually would.
  • PRICE GUARANTEE - we guarantee that the value of your box is greater than the price you paid. However, due to individual prices of the crystals, we can not guarantee the number of crystals you will within your box but as said, these will have a higher RRP than the price you paid.
  • PROCESSING TIME- Please allow an additional three working days for the processing times of orders which include a mystery bundle. 
  • TIKTOK - Mystery Boxes packing videos are uploaded to TikTok when we can, although if you would like your order not to be packed on TikTok, please let us know!

T&Cs apply; please read our mystery bundle T&Cs before placing your order.


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