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Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps

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Using a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp, you replace the negatively charged ions in the air, which helps us avoid the alleged physical and mental harm that the ‘electric smog’ creates.

Each Salt Lamp comes complete with a light fitting, bulb & plug. Rather than sell them by size, we sell them by approximate weight. Items are marked with sizes to give a rough idea of size; each lamp is unique.

Our Salt Lamps are available in the following size; please select your size from the drop-down menu.

- 2-3kg

- 8-10kg

- 13-15kg

Please note:

Due to the hygroscopic properties of salt, Himalayan salt lamps and candle holders absorb moisture from the air.

If your lamp is ‘sweating’ or leaking water, this is generally due to being switched off for extended periods, especially in humid conditions. To remedy this, leave in strong sunlight for 4 to 5 hours and brush off any excess crystallised salt. Or wipe gently with a dry cloth.

If you don’t use the Himalayan salt lamp for extended periods (e.g., on holidays), disconnect the cable and remove it from the light.

In humid conditions, we recommend placing your lamp onto a small tray or dish if the pool water.


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