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Clear Quartz Crystal Candle

Clear Quartz Crystal Candle

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Our Clear Quartz Candle is your new source of relaxation and connection! Embodying the perfect harmony of eucalyptus and amber aroma and luxurious coconut wax, it offers a stress-free experience like no other. And with a 100% natural clear quartz crystal on top, this candle creates a unique ambience that encourages mindfulness and clarity of the mind.

At Aroma Quartz, we understand how difficult it can be to relax after a long day. We believe in bringing natural healing crystals into your home to create an enriching atmosphere and offer you peace as soon as you enter a space. That's why our Clear Quartz Crystal Candle invites tranquillity from the moment it enters your room; carefully crafted with environmentally friendly ingredients, this gorgeous candle is beautiful and sustainable, too!

Our candles burn for up to 45 hours for the ideal aromatherapy session or light it up during yoga practice for the ultimate nourishment experience. Take a pause from everyday life for some guilt-free self-care moments without compromising quality or aesthetics - our pleasant fragrances will help alleviate stress while your body will resonate in tune with vibrations from its crystal companion. Let go of tension and stress with each burn - enjoy this beautiful addition to your collection today!

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Unveil the enchanting radiance of our Clear Quartz Crystal Candle, a masterpiece meticulously crafted from luxurious coconut wax. With an impressive burn time of up to 45 hours, this candle promises to be your enduring source of serenity and illumination. As the flame gracefully flickers, it casts a gentle, soothing light throughout your space, enhancing your moments of tranquillity and reflection. The Clear Quartz crystal infused within this elegant candle amplifies the purity and clarity of the experience, promoting inner peace and spiritual growth. Whether you seek a serene ambience for meditation or simply a touch of elegance, our Clear Quartz Crystal Candle invites you to bask in its radiant glow, illuminating your path to inner harmony and enlightenment.

Healing with our Clear Quartz Candle:

Nestled within our candle, the Clear Quartz crystal is a treasure trove of profound healing properties. Revered as the "Master Healer," Clear Quartz is believed to amplify energy and intentions, making it a potent catalyst for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. As the candle's warm, soothing glow fills your space, it awakens the purifying and clarifying energies of Clear Quartz, encouraging mental clarity, inner peace, and balance. This remarkable crystal is also thought to harmonize and align the chakras, enhancing overall well-being and spiritual growth. Allow the healing vibrations of our Clear Quartz Crystal Candle to envelop you, inviting a sense of clarity, renewal, and profound connection with your inner self.


Candle Facts:

  • Crystal: Infused with Clear Quartz for healing, positivity and cleansing.
  • Scent: Eucalyptus and Amber
  • Wax: 100% Coconut Wax with traceable sources

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