Product Care Guide

Our Crystal Candle Care Guide | Getting The Most Out Of Your Candle!

We hope that you are as excited as we are about burning your new candle!

In order to get the most out of your Aroma Quartz Crystal Candle, we recommend following the candle care guidelines set out below!

The first time you burn the candle, it's important to allow the wax melt pool to reach the outer edges of the jar before extinguishing the flame.  This will help prevent the wax from tunnelling and allow your candle to burn evenly.

We recommend burning your candle for around 2-3 hours each time but for no longer than 4 hours at a time. Please never leave a candle unattended when in use. For our crystal candle collection, please remove the crystal before burning your candle.

Can I reuse my Amber Jar once my candle is finished?

Yes! Actually we encourage you to reuse the jar and also have a "Recycle and Reuse Scheme" available where you can exchange your jars for a free candle! If you want to find out more about this, click here!

Once you have enjoyed your Aroma Quartz Candle, you can soak the jar in warm soapy water and wash out the remaining wax. If any wax remains, we always find that by placing your candle in the freezer and allowing the wax to harden, it can be scooped out along with the wick. Carefully empty the wax out and wipe clean. Re-using our amber jars could not be easier!

They make great small plant pots and also make great storage jars for your stationary - we love hearing how you reuse your jars, so however you decide to reuse them - Show us on social media by tagging @AromaQuartz 

What Is the strong is Aroma Quartz Candles?

Because we use natural coconut wax, our candles will not have the same scent throw as paraffin candles but they are pretty close. We use a scent load of 8-10% fragrance oil (the industry standard is around 3%) which means that our candles smell great. We prefer that our candles are not overwhelming and this means they can be used daily. All of our candle recipes have passed multiply burn tests in a medium sized room - so they fill a room nicely.

Why Do We Use Coconut Wax?

There are so many reasons! To name a few, we love that it's a renewable material and carbon neutral. We love that it burns cleanly, evenly and for a longer period of time than paraffin and mineral wax. We love the way that it smells when blended with fragrance oils.

The reason we don't use soy wax is because it is no longer a sustainable ingredients. Most soy wax is genetically modified and to the popularity of it, its now causing mass deforestation!

But most of all, we love working with coconut wax because it's a non-toxic and natural material that we can touch and feel with human hands every day without damaging skin. 

Why We Use Synthetic Fragrances?

We use a premium blend of man-made and natural fragrances for all our products, we use these for a number of reasons, To touch on a few;

- They allow us to create more complex scent profiles.

- Most of the time they are more sustainable to produce than essential oils.

- They also allow us to offer our products at accessible price points.

- As you may know, some ingredients can be toxic to animals when used on or around them. This is partly why we use fragrance oils as a safer alternative, as we have our own pets here at Aroma Quartz – our ‘CEO of customer smiles’ Bella, Cockapoo.