Recycle & Reuse Scheme

As part of our mission to be planet friendly; We felt we needed to do more, so we launched our Recycle & Reuse Incentive!

Of course, we love the fact our Jars are, already recyclable but we wanted to go one step further by allowing you to send your used jars back to us & for your efforts, you get a free candle!

How does it work?

- Collect six amber candle jars.

- Clean them out.

- Fill out our recycle & reuse form below!

- Pack up safely; you can use our original packaging for this.

- Post them to use or simply drop them off in-store! (postage is the only cost to you)

- Once we've received it, we will send you a free candle using a reused jar.

Recycling is excellent & we encourage this, but recycling also uses many other resources. By re-using, we're cutting this down & is a great alternative.

One way these will be a business, of course, we produce a lot of testers & it's a shame to sometimes have to use new jars if we haven't been able to burn our original testers down quick enough, so being able to use these will be one way to leave the new jars alone! We are also considering a re-used range of some sort, but this is in the works & we would welcome your ideas!