Do you offer private workshops for parties and corporate events?

Absolutely! We're delighted to offer private workshops tailored for parties and corporate events. To inquire further and discuss your specific needs, please reach out to us at events@aroma-quartz.com. We look forward to creating a memorable experience for your group!

How much are candle making workshops?

The cost of our candle-making workshops varies depending on several factors. Whether we host the workshops in our shop or at an external venue, demand, as well as seasonal operations, can impact the pricing. For specific pricing details and availability, please check our Upcoming Workshops!

Are there any age restrictions?

To attend our workshops, participants must be 16 years old or over on the date of the workshop.

This requirement is due to the nature of our workshops. We appreciate your understanding and adherence to this policy.

Will this workshop teach me to make candles professionally?

While our workshops are designed to be enjoyable and educational experiences, they are primarily for fun and relaxation rather than professional candle-making instruction. However, if you're interested in learning candle-making as a business, we offer private one-to-one workshops tailored specifically for this purpose. For more information on our professional candle-making workshops, please reach out to Danny at danny@aroma-quartz.com. We'll be happy to provide you with all the details you need to get started on your candle-making journey!

Interested to see what our candle making workshops are like?