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Citrine Crystal Candle

Citrine Crystal Candle

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Candles have been used for centuries to invoke the elements and connect with the natural world. Our Citrine Crystal Candles are made intentionally, using only the highest quality ingredients.

Our Citrine crystal-infused Candle is perfect for invoking abundance, wealth and prosperity. Citrine is the "success stone" and promotes creativity, imagination and personal will. This candle will create an uplifting and positive atmosphere with the powerful scents of smoky tonka bean, lavender and almond.

Made with 100% coconut wax, our candles are clean-burning and eco-friendly. We use only traceable sources for our wax, ensuring it is sustainably sourced and ethically produced.

Size and burn time:

Elevate your ambience with our Citrine Crystal Candle, a splendid creation meticulously crafted from the finest coconut wax. Offering an enchanting burn time of up to 45 hours, this candle is designed to illuminate your space with its warm and inviting glow, creating an atmosphere of elegance and tranquillity. As the flame dances gracefully, it not only infuses the air with its soothing fragrance but also charges the space with the revitalizing energy of Citrine. Allow the radiance of this candle to accompany you on your journey of positivity, abundance, and joy, making it a cherished addition to your moments of relaxation and reflection.

Healing with our Citrine Candle: 

The Citrine crystal, nestled within our candle, is a radiant gemstone renowned for its powerful healing properties. Revered as the "Stone of Abundance," Citrine is believed to attract prosperity, wealth, and positive energy into one's life. As the candle's gentle flame illuminates your surroundings, it also awakens the healing energies of Citrine, promoting a sense of joy, creativity, and abundance. This remarkable crystal dispels negative energies, boosts self-confidence, and fosters a bright, optimistic outlook. Whether you seek clarity, revitalization, or a heightened sense of well-being, the Citrine crystal candle invites you to embrace its radiant warmth and bask in its transformative energies, making every moment a beacon of positivity and growth.

Candle Facts:

Crystal: Crystal Candle Infused with Citrine for abundance, wealth and prosperity

Scent: Sophisticated and Luxurious Smoky Tonka Bean, Lavender & Almond

Wax: 100% Coconut Wax with traceable sources

Burn Time: Enjoy our citrine candle with a burn time of up to 45 hours!

Please remove the crystal before lighting your candle.

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